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  • Avlite Systems White Paper Humanitarian Aid
  • Avlite Systems White Paper Commer Airports
  • Solar Portable Airfield Lighting System
  • FAA L864 Red LED Medium Intensity Obstruction Light
  • FAA L864 Red LED Medium Intensity Obstruction Light
  • FAA ICAO Solar LED Runway End Identification Light
  • FAA ICAO Solar LED Elevated Runway Guard Light
  • CASA Low Intensity Obstruction Light LIOL
  • AvMesh USB Device for tablet control of Wireless Airfield Lighting
  • Solar Airfield Lighting

    World leader in wireless-controlled solar airfield lighting systems

  • Solar Heliport Lighting

    The world's only ICAO compliant solar helipad lighting system, specifically designed to suit optic and height requirements

  • Obstruction lighting

    Technology leader in power efficient LED obstruction lighting, to suit many industry requirements.



Avlite Systems is a technology leader in the design and production of solar-powered aviation lighting equipment.

The company is a world-class manufacturer with a proven reputation for aviation lighting systems specifically designed for defence, government, civil and humanitarian aid operations in the most remote, toughest environments.